Une influenceuse boit des smoothies au sperme pour se protéger contre le coronavirus

Smoothies Au Sperme

Une influenceuse britannique, mère de 2 enfants, a un moyen plutôt d’inusité d’améliorer son système immunitaire: elle boit des smoothies ledesperme de son petit ami.

Trace Kiss, 32 ans, est une culturiste professionnelle et une personnalité Instagram spécialisée dans le conditionnement physique et l’alimentation santé.

Elle se considère également végétalienne.

Il y a quelques semaines, elle a toutefois fait une révélation étonnante sur Instagram, et cela a eu pour effet de braquer les projecteurs sur elle.

Une Influenceuse Boit Des Smoothies Au Sperme Pour Se Protéger Contre Le Coronavirus

Boosting the immune system is your BEST way of preventing and overcoming illness and disease, of course there are many ways to do this; vitamins, raw foods and semen!

«Améliorer votre système immunitaire est La MEILLEURE façon de prévenir et de combattre les maladies. Bien sûr, il y a plusieurs manière de le faire. Vitamines, nourriture crue et sperme!», y affirmait-elle dans une publication.

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Tag a friend who is in quarantine! 🧡So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my thoughts on the Coronavirus and you may have seen me in the news across the world – I cannot control what people say or write about me but I can control what I say and do myself. I have spoke about the importance of natural remedies for many years now, this is nothing new. Pharmaceuticals -just like processed foods- contain chemicals, preservatives and unnecessary nasties which lead to side effects and further sickness. Boosting the immune system is your BEST way of preventing and overcoming illness and disease, of course there are many ways to do this; vitamins, raw foods and semen! Yes, each teaspoon of semen contains over 200 vitamins and minerals, is a natural multivitamin for all as well as being a natural antidepressant, people just never talk about it because shops cannot sell it and make profit on it! None of us would be alive without semen, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s simply a fact – naturally boosting your immune system in ANY way and any amount is better for you than doing nothing at all. With food and outdoor exercise now limited through quarantine it is more important than ever to be healthy and stay strong to fight this virus around the world. Given the choice I wouldn’t waste a drop 💦 what you choose to do is up to you. For more information on ways to boost your immune system and stay safe during corona you can visit my blog at wishing you all love and light at this difficult time 🙏🏼 #coronavirus #quarantine #immunesystem #healthy #naturesmedicine

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Au moins quatre fois par semaine (mais idéalement à chaque jour), elle ingère un smoothie contenant des épinards, du brocoli, des poivrons…et du sperme.

Le liquide séminal est une gracieuseté de son petit copain et elle le conserve précieusement dans un plat Tupperware placé dans son réfrigérateur.

De plus, mensuellement, elle s’en étend dans le visage afin d’adoucir sa peau et lui faire garder son apparence de jeunesse.

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Rate my kitty out of 10? 🐱 Then come and join me on for everything social media wont allow! 🔥 Today is Sunday, a day of rest before another busy week of working from home begins and I’m taking some time to meditate, sunbathe in my garden, keep fit and relax. We all need to release stress, take a step back, hit the pause button and play catch up on the chaos and challenges of the week we’ve just completed in time for the week ahead to begin. You can’t burn the candle at both ends and expect it to last forever, so never feel guilty for dropping everything and having some well needed “me time” because when you’re peaceful and at easy everything is far easier to do. Let’s learn to tackle the things that stress us and find coping strategies to unwind, in turn we can be more gentle, patient, positive and kind towards others. Sending you all love and light on this beautiful day 🙏🏼 #stayathome #sunsoutbunsout #sunbathing #relaxing #quarantineandchill

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Selon elle, même si c’est une pratique inhabituelle, consommer du sperme de cette manière est une chose «santé, gratuite, qui contient des vitamines et des minéraux», selon un entretien qu’elle a accordé au magazine Closer.

«Cela fait quatre ans que je le fais et je ne me suis jamais sentie aussi bien. Je ne suis jamais malade. Pendant cette pandémie, je n’ai pas peur de tomber malade parce que mon système immunitaire est si fort», a-t-elle déclaré aux journalistes de Closer.

C’est après avoir lu que l’actrice Heather Locklear utilisait le sperme comme traitement pour la peau de son visage que Kiss a consulté un dermatologue qui lui a assuré qu’il n’y avait rien de mal à essayer.

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Rate my watch strap out of 10 for me? 🧡Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will my darlings. Do not measure your success in life upon the money in your bank, the make of car that you drive, how many bedrooms you have in your home or even the size of your waist and biceps – measure success within the body, mind and soul, your individual progression in life and the journey we have been on and are yet to experience. We are all capable of being strong when we need to be, just as we are all allowed to feel weak and in need of help and support. It’s called being human. Every measure has a spectrum, neither outcome can exist without the other – the high cannot is dust without the low, nor the weak without the strong or the good without the bad. We are blessed to experience it all in order to appreciate the peace, balance and happiness that we seek because of it. Sending you all healing, healthy happy vibes my darlings 🙏🏼 #quarantinefitness #strongnotskinny #healingjourney #happyplace #namaste

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Kiss souffrait en effet de rosacée, une affection de la peau qui se manifeste par des rougeurs au centre du visage, sur les joues, le nez, le menton ou le front.

Elle a donc demandé à un ami au gymnase où elle s’entraînait s’il pouvait lui fournir du sperme.

Après quelques jours de traitement, elle ne pouvait pas croire le résultat.

Quand elle a ensuite découvert que la liqueur séminale pouvait contenir des dizaines de vitamines et de minéraux, elle a décidé d’en ingérer dans ses smoothies quotidiens.

Maintenant qu’elle a un petit ami depuis 2 ans, il est désormais plus facile de s’approvisionner.

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I have butterflies tattooed across my thigh and hips and many ask me what the meaning is, so please allow me to explain. Butterflies are a sign of rebirth as the caterpillars world must end for it to turn into a beautiful butterfly and find freedom. Several years ago I had an emergency breast reconstruction which was incredibly painful and had a huge impact on my life. I went from being engaged with two children to becoming a single parent in the blink of an eye, waking up after leaving hospital to find my life would never be the same again. In my greatest time of need, through immense suffering and weakness I was abandoned – but it was a blessing in disguise because I later discovered I was a victim of domestic abuse which I didn’t realise at the time as I never knew any different. Unable to even lift a glass of water or hold my baby, my body mind and soul were shattered and my recovery felt so much harder doing it alone whilst trying to be strong for my children – the surgery that saved my life returned me to a life that had been taken from me. I was young, scared, broken and alone wondering how to make ends meet. But as each day passed I healed, the pain became less and my heart grew along with my muscles. I was a caterpillar back then and didn’t realise, today I stand before you as a butterfly. After my recovery I turned to bodybuilding to regain control of my life and find strength and stability in being alone – overcome fear and worry by facing it head on! Despite having digestive issues, cervical problems and my immune system trying to shut down I competed in my first ever bodybuilding contest and placed 2nd as a natural vegan bodybuilder, a million miles away from my life before. Today I’ve climbed mountains to help others, seen the world, advanced my education in fitness and nutrition and am physically, emotionally and mentally the strongest I have ever been. We are all on a journey of growth and self worth in life, we grow through what we go through! It may seem like the world is ending with the struggles we face – fear not, it’s just life preparing us for the freedom yet to come 🦋 #freedom #recovery #rebirth #survivor #ink #singleparent #chestday

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«Parfois, j’ai ma dose quotidienne par mes activités sexuelles. Mais puisque je ne vis pas avec mon copain, quand nous ne sommes pas ensemble, il me produit un échantillon. Quand j’en ai beaucoup, j’en congèle», a-t-elle affirmé au magazine britannique.

«Mon petit ami est enchanté que je mange son sperme. Il en parle à tous ses amis. Mais je ne sais pas ce que leurs petites copines en pensent, par contre», ajoute celle qui a 418 000 abonnés sur Instagram.


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